Marie Biscuit Chocolate Pudding Recipe ~ Κορμός Σοκολάτας


This pudding is one of the most common desserts of Greek households. 
Historically Marie biscuit chocolate pudding has come out of the fusion of Sri Lankan and British cuisine. Here I will give you one of the Greek variations. There are a few different ones and as usual I prefer the lighter version. The basic difference is the use or lack of use of eggs.
In Greece even when Greeks don’t know how to bake any other dessert they surely can make this one. The recipe below will help you understand why. For this dessert we just have to whisk all the ingredients together without having to use any complicated baking techniques.

225 g Marie biscuits
250 g dark chocolate
150 g butter
1 cup milk
110 g icing sugar
300 g walnuts
1/4 cup cognac

We heat the milk and remove it from fire before it starts to boil. We add the chocolate and while it melts we keep stirring it until it becomes a well combined mixture. Next we break the biscuits into small pieces and along with the walnuts and cognac we add them in the milk and chocolate mixture.
In the mixer we whisk the butter and sugar until they turn into a fluffy mixture. We add it and keep stirring until it is evenly mixed.
We either roll the pudding into a loaf or we pour it in a silicone mold.
Let the pudding cool in the fridge for a couple of hours and serve it after cutting it in slices.

Depending on what ingredients we like we can substitute the walnuts with other nuts, dried fruit or even coconut flakes 😉
Moreover we can decorate it accordingly depending on the theme of the party or gathering we have prepared it for!

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