Pink is for Spring ~ Food Styling Ideas


My parents love having people for dinner and as I have mentioned before my mum loves styling the dishes and table. Yesterday they had around 15 people for dinner and as always I got sent my mum’s creations. I fell in love with the taramosalata not because pink is my favourite colour but also because I loved her decorating idea! I will dedicate this post to food styling but I promise to add recipes for every salad on this page 🙂


The recipe for this type of Greek Aubergine/Eggplant Salad can be found here




2 responses to “Pink is for Spring ~ Food Styling Ideas”

  1. Ti nostimies einai aftes…!!! Ti na to kaneis to kreas otan exeis tetoies salates… 😉

    1. 🙂 ακριβώς! Για αυτο οταν πάω Ελλάδα αδυνατίζω! Με εμπνέουν οι καλλιτεχνικες σαλάτες της μαμάς

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