Salmon and Potato Tart


This is a recipe I have learned from my Aunt Eva. Ten years ago a habit started within the family that kept growing and has now been established as a family tradition. Every Wednesday the immediate family along with dear friends gather at my Aunt’s and Uncle’s house for ouzo and mezedes. The Ouzo Night started with the presence of my Aunt, Uncle, Parents and Sister and as the group started to slowly grow it can reach up to 25 people.
Feeding 12–25 people every Wednesday evening can be a bit of a challenge not only in relation to the amount of food but also to the variety and presentation of dishes.
From all the recipes and dishes that have been tried and tested the Salmon Tart has become on of the crowd’s favourites. This week my Aunt suggested I make it so that I post it on my Baking and Cooking blog.
The recipe is very simple and the flavours of the different ingredients mix excellently giving a very light and refreshing dish.

4 medium potatoes
5 leaves of lettuce
1 spring onion
Some fresh dill
1 pack of Philadelphia cream cheese
6 slices of smoked salmon
Juice from one lemon
Zest from one lemon
Olive oil

We peel and boil the potatoes for about 10 minutes or until they are cooked without letting them get too soft. Drain them and with a fork smash them to get a puree. Do not use a food processor as the puree needs to have a rough consistency.
Cut the lettuce, dill and spring onions into small pieces and in a bowl mix them with oil, lemon juice and salt.
Place a medium sized springform pan on a plate and spread the potatoe puree as the first layer. Spread the lettuce mixture as the second layer and carefully spread the cream cheese as your third layer. Finally place evenly the salmon slices and decorated with some lettuce or dill. Sprinkle the lemon Zest on top.
Leave the Tart to cool for half an hour in the fridge. Before serving remove the springform carefully. If necessary use a knife to detach the Tart from the sides of the springform.

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